Why Invest?

The evidence is clear: early education is the best economic strategy we have in Virginia and MUST be a priority.

So why should you invest?  An investment in early education means:

A Stronger Return on Investment—according to the Federal Reserve, every $1 spent on giving a young child a strong foundation delivers a $7 ROI.  80% of those returns go directly back to the public through increased tax revenue, lower special education costs, lower welfare costs, and reduced crime.[1]

A Stronger Workforce—children who participate in high quality education are far more likely to enter kindergarten ready to learn, read at grade level, and graduate from high school, trade school, or college.

A Stronger Commonwealth—early education is the starting point for the pipeline that fuels our K-12 and higher education systems, which ultimately drives economic growth, innovation and investment throughout Virginia.

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[1] Too Small To Fail, Education Issue Brief, 2012.